Shalina Angola opens 17th Shop in Sumbe

On 4th September, Shalina opened its 17th shop in Angola at Sumbe which is the capital of Cuanza Sul province. Thus we are represented in 12 of the 18 provinces in Angola. Sumbe is 330 km south of Luanda and 132 km north of Lobito. This shop will not only serve the needs of 400,000 people living […]

Anaemia – A serious condition that responds well to early treatment.

As world blood donor day recently passed on June 14, we take a deep dive into anaemia, a blood condition that like many diseases and conditions can be more easily combated through awareness and early detection. Anaemia refers to a medical condition in which the blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells. It […]

Tech with a Personal Touch

Technology is at the forefront of medical innovation, not just in new product development but also systems and software to drive them. To this end, we embarked on a journey with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software: an incredible tool that supports in executing and guiding our sales and marketing efforts. As with any business, we […]

African Health is in their Hands

Children learn by doing, and habits adopted from an early age are practiced throughout life. Something as simple as correct hand techniques will be massively impactful, because handwashing is a critical component in eradicating communicable diseases. And where better to start than in schools? For over a decade, we have been presenting our school contact […]

Massive Malaria Movement continues with World Malaria Day

In our ongoing quest to ensure that millions of people in Africa live healthier and happier lives, education about malaria is more critical than ever, especially as we focus our attention on the globally driven World Malaria Day. Malaria kills millions of people every year. Sadly, Africa, is the worst affected area in the world. […]

Interschools General Knowledge Knockout

We are steamrolling ahead with our continued campaigns in schools throughout Africa. The latest in our exciting initiatives is the Germol Inter-School Competition, pitting great young minds against each other on General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Personal Hygiene. Co-hosted with RTNC Channel, the hugely popular TV and radio broadcaster, we brought together 1000 students from […]

Brand New Kalemie Depot in the DRC

The province of Tanganuika in the DRC faces a challenge common to many provinces throughout the country. Variety and supply of products targeting common diseases are either unavailable or require patients to travel long distances for treatment. This is where we are focused on solving these accessibility challenges, most recently by opening our new depot […]

Broda Shaggi Entertains Us at Head Office

We started an exciting journey in 2019, collaborating with Broda Shaggi – a multi-talented entertainer, comedian and producer – to become our brand ambassador for Shal’Artem in Nigeria. Fast forward to present day 2022 where we finally played host to Broda Shaggi, along with our CEO, at our head office in Dubai. Malaria is a […]

National Grand Finale of the Inaugural Shalina Rising Stars Award

The National Grand Finale of the Shalina Rising Stars Award took place on 29 March 2022. It was a full house of senior consultants, dignitaries, and resident doctors whom all added shine to the glamorous occasion. Visibly excited, Dr. Adebayo Olaolu narrowly came out tops amongst 60 entries in 36 institutions, to become the first-ever […]

CVD Grand Launch

We recently hosted the finest doctors at the CVD (cardiovascular disease) Grand Launch, including professors and heads of department from the top hospitals in Nigeria and West Africa. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are often called “silent killers” because heart attacks and strokes are a common first warning sign of an underlying disease. High blood pressure is […]